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About Spencer....

A young boy stood silent and still by his mother’s side ... a very rare occurrence. What kicked his brain and imagination into gear were both the fluidity of hot glass and the skill of the artists who re-shaped its beauty - thus creating laser focus of his attention as he watched traditional English glass blowing in an artists’ village. But art was not something a lad of Sheffield, England pursued beyond hobbies of drawing and some teenage years in video game graphic design, animation and development.

Thirty years later, I am no longer that boy. At least not 100% so. I’ve had a full career working with technology as an enthusiast, early adopter and a corporate professional. My experience includes roles as computer programmer, engineering manager, information technology operations manager, and web designer and developer. Yet none of that made much difference to me as I turned into that nine-year-old again when my wife and I entered the hot shop at the Tacoma Glass Museum. There we spent six hours watching the de la Torre brothers in action.

That afternoon rekindled my fascination with art and glass blowing, which resulted in my pursuit of learning how to blow glass, and applying and expanding my artistic skills and interests. This I’ve done through short and intensive training locally and at Pilchuck Glass School, plenty of research and reading, experimentation in the studio, and serving as a teacher at Diablo Glass School.

Living in Roslindale, MA, gives me exceptional access to some of the greatest glass facilities in the northeast. See the Useful Links page for more information.
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